Big Ideas From Small Spaces 

Sometimes innovation can spark from the tiniest thought. Anyone who’s passionate about an idea can start, collaborate and grow that idea anywhere.

Here is real life inspiration from some of the world’s largest companies that started from a small space and are now multi-billion dollar enterprises.

Building Good Things for People

In the small garage of a family home at 2066 Crist Drive, Los Altos, California; Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak legendarily built and sold the first Apple computer, and subsequently grew into a global technology giant

Clear as the Blue Sky

From a small basement in San Francisco, Jeff Rodman developed the SoundStation speakerphone, an innovation that led Polycom to be a billion-dollar company and revolutionized the way business is done around the world. 

From A to Z

Jeff Bezos, founder of, first set up office in his garage with a few employees, began developing software, then moved to a two-bedroom house. It is now the largest internet-based retailer in the United States.

Transform Your Small Meeting Spaces into Innovation Hubs



Huddle room makeover: Experience the Polycom huddle room advantage


Our Polycom experts share the latest innovations in huddle room video collaboration technology and learn how to make your meeting spaces and teams more productive.



Understanding the Huddle Room: Maximize the value of these underutilized spaces


Wainhouse Research estimate there are about 30-50 million huddle rooms around the world. These rooms are key to unlocking small team performance. However today, most huddle rooms are underutilized and organizations are missing out on a big opportunity to increase their productivity. Download the Wainhouse research report to learn how to maximize the value of small meeting spaces.


3 Winning Solutions for Your Huddle Room

Polycom has high quality, affordable collaboration solutions to suit your huddle room needs. Find what is best for you.


Polycom® RealPresence Trio™
The conference phone reimagined

Marrying our legendary voice quality with the additional capabilities of personal content sharing and business-class videoconferencing, Trio can be flexibly deployed anywhere, from huddle rooms to boardrooms.

  • Experience exceptional conversational and multimedia audio
  • Share ideas from your personal device in HD resolution
  • See reactions with affordable business-class videoconferencing
  • Integrates with leading voice and video platforms
Polycom® RealPresence Group 310™
Designed for Video Collaboration

If top-of-the-line performance for video and content is important to you, Realpresence Group 310 offers:

  • Flexible content sharing - via cables, SmartPairing, Concierge
  • Powerful camera add-ons, - EagleEye IV, EagleEye Producer
  • Ease of management because it uses the same platform as systems installed in larger conference rooms and locations
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Demo offer

Experience how a small meeting space should be.

Is your small meeting room or space in need of a makeover? Experience what affordable, easy-to-use, high quality collaboration solutions can do for your teams. Fill in your details and a Polycom representative will be in touch shortly.

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